Basic-Seminar in Slovenia / 2215 Cersak

August 31./ Septembre 1. 2024

Teaching methods and hands-on ideas for a child-friendly approach to horses in the age group from 3 to 9 years

In the basic seminar you get insights into the work at our Pony School. You’ll watch a video documentary and learn about practical examples. During a private session, we will work on a concept together that will improve the quality of your Riding School and make it economically more successful.

There is an upward trend in demand for animal friendly activities both for children in kindergarten and primary school. The capacities of a riding club or riding school are usually not sufficient to cover this demand. Most of them have waiting lists and a set starting age (e.g. riding lessons from age 10/12 and vaulting lessons from age 5/6 onwards). Besides that there are only a few riding teachers with experience in working with young children and rarely chances for children from the age of 3 to gather riding experience and to interact with animals.
The educational animal experience approach that our Pony School offers is an extremely successful concept. We recognised the problem that younger children from the age of 3 years onwards have hardly any opportunity to learn how to ride or to be close animals (horses and dogs). Our concept differs from traditional riding schools because it focuses on education as well as psychomotor experiences while not having riding as its primary goal. We offer you the prospect of working with Kindergarten children from the age of 3 onwards, and we will both accompany and advise you in carrying out your Project.
Teaching methods and hands-on ideas for a child-oriented approach to horses in the age group from 3 to 9 years
The participants learn techniques on how to introduce children to the various interactions with horses in a playful and childlike way. This knowledge can be integrated into their own work independently. Our goal is to teach our participants practical content and skills which they can use to start a new or improve an already existing riding school or animal-supported project. During the seminar we show practical suggestions for planning a complete and exciting lesson. Participants get insights into the didactical and methodical preparation of particular themes about ponies and complete lesson plans with tried and tested games and movement exercises. Our clearly structured scripts help participants as a guideline to organise their own creative lessons.
1. Rules of conduct for pony friends
2. Welcome ritual - children and ponys
3. Introduction - care and grooming equipment
4. Mounting techniques
5. Movement games
6. Living environment and requirements of horses
7. Horse language
8. Introduction in how to lead a pony with practical training
9. Horse anatomy
10. Horse identification (breeds, colours)
11. Horse feeding
12. Game materials, equipment for ponies and children, insurance, course framework, parental work
13. Lesson concepts - exemplary planning of lessons
14. Incentive goals with regard to the development of children's personalities
Your investment : 450,- incl. drinks and lunch
Lecturers: Lea Jakos







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